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SE Region Newsletters
(Note: Previous editions of the newsletter can be found here.)

Update 12/17/15 from Laurie Patton: "I started the SE Region Newsletters back in 2010. The last few years,
Judith Milling took it over for me because of my school load. Judith, being the Trend Editor, is stretched for time and
I have decided to stop the newsletter. There is so much information and history for you all to read and learn about your region."

The last edition is December 2015. Previous editions will remain on the website for historical purposes.

Newsletter - January 2015 Newsletter - February 2015
Newsletter - March 2015 Newsletter - April 2015
Newsletter - May 2015 Newsletter - June 2015
Newsletter - July 2015 Newsletter - August 2015
Newsletter - September 2015 Newsletter - October 2015
Newsletter - November 2015 Newsletter - December 2015 (Last edition)


2019 SE Regional Special Award Winners

Winners were announced at the SE Regional Banquet on July 27, 2019. Congratulations to the winners!        

Judge: Clint Knapp Clerk: John Sokol
Member: Vanadis Crawford Catalog: Volunteer Cat Club
Show: AL Paws & Claws (TICA Annual) Rookie: J'amie Lerner

Steve also announced a new Award - SE Region Treasure. The recepient was Joyce Henderson in recognition of all her hard work for the Regiona over the years.

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2019 Special Awards Ballot

Voting is closed!

The Ballot is now up for members to vote.

If you prefer, you can email your selections to Steve Lawson.
In the subject line of the email, please put Special Awards.

The Catrgories are:

Member of the Year Show of the Year
Rookie of the Year Catalog of the Year
Judge of the Year Clerk of the Year (Includes Entry Clerk, Ring Clerk, and Master Clerk)

Voting will end at midnight (ET) June 17, 2019.
Remember, you can vote only once and you must be a TICA member in good standing in the SE Region!

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SE Region PayPal Account

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Voting Closed - Ballot - Criteria for People's Choice Awards, Etc.

The ballot for SE Region members to vote on changes in eligibility requirements for certain categories of the People's Choice Awards and recognition of OS / OD / LA has closed.

Only 59 people voted. One ballot was rejected as the person was not a TICA member in good standing. The results are as follows:

Proposal 1: In order to be eligible for the SE Region's Show of the Year and / or Catalog of the Year, the Club must be participating in the $1.00 per entry regional program. Specifically, $1.00 per entry in the show must go to the SE Regional Fund.
For: 33 Against: 25 Proposal passed
Proposal 2: To be eligible for the SE Region's Clerk of the Year, clerks must be TICA licensed Ring, Master, or Entry clerks.
For: 32 Against: 26 Proposal passed
Proposal 3: The region will recognize OD / OS / LA Awards starting 2014 - 2015. OD - Outstanding Dam, OS - Outstanding Sire, LA - Lifetime Achievement.
For: 53 Against: 5 Proposal passed

Since all these proposals passed, the above changes will go into effect for the 2014 - 2015 show season. Thank you to all SE Members who voted for expressing their opinion.

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 Show Managers - Show Flyers

All show managers,

The Regional Director cannot ok your shows unless she receives a copy of your show flyer.

Please refer to Show Rules Show Flyers. Show flyers MUST be sent to the local regional director, the Executive Office, and the contracted judges at the time the show license application is submitted. Failure to send a flyer with the application will result in a $25 fine. Show Flyers MUST include the following information:

TICA logo For Sale Cages
Name of host club For Sale Cats/Kittens
Date(s) of show Size of benching cages
Names of judges & assignments (AB/SP) Cage coverings required
Show Hall (Address, Emergency Telephone #, if available) Dimensions of grooming space
Show Hotel (Address and Phone#) Special benching (i.e. European, by breed, etc.)
Names of Show Manager(s) Health Requirements
Entry Clerk Special state regulations requiring health certificates or rabies shots
Vendor Contact Advisement of inoculation of cats/kittens prior to entry
Entry Fees Specific Climate Control (heating/ac, fans, etc.)
Other Fees Handicapped Accessibility, including limitations
Closing Dates (early bird, tardy turtle, etc.) Airports
Entry Limits Transportation - Airport to Hotel - Hotel to Show Hall
Check-In Times Limitation of outside food in show hall
Online Flyer info Supplies provided (litter, cat food, etc.)
Payment Information (Check, PayPal, Credit Cards, etc.) Liability Statement
Check Payment - Payable to whom, Sent to whom
Show Rules Statement
Online Flyer Payment deadline Where to get Show Rules
Returned Check Fees Benching Requests
OFFICIAL TICA Entry Form Clerking Requests
Vetted or Non-Vetted Show ALL claws of all entries must be clipped Show flyers should include the following whenever possible: Driving directions to show hall/show hotel; Airlines serving area; Donations i.e., Club, Region, TIFF, Other; Seminars or Schools, if any; Special Dinners, if any.

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TICA Brochures

Need some TICA brochures, spay and neuter brochures, looking for a kitten/breeder brochures and more? You can download all those now from the main Marketing page (

How about downloadable Breed Descriptions for handouts. Check those out under the "Public" tab, "Breeds" then choose your breed, click on that and at the top of the page there is a link for "printable version". Take a look at them . . . they are really nice!

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Have you renewed your dues? If not, June 30 is the last day to renew your membership if you want to vote in this year's elections. If you intend to vote, please renew your membership in TICA before the deadline!

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TICA Newsletter

From Vickie Fisher:

Well, folks, by now many of you, HOPEFULLY, have received the new TICA e-newsletter. If you haven't received it, check your Spam filter. If that is where it landed, you will need to add the address to your address book to make sure you receive it in the future (or simply

If you don't want to continue to receive it, simply "Unsubscribe." If you didn't receive it, you can take a look and subscribe

I've been asked if this is replacing the TREND. The answer is absolutely not. Our new e-newsletter is meant to supplement our efforts to keep you informed about what is happening in TICA's world. We hope to provide timely reminders, point out new features of the website, and let you know about other news from the Executive Office.

Vickie Fisher, President
The International Cat Association, Inc.

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Update Your Membership Info

Have you recently moved? Have you changed your e-mail address? Do you have a new phone number?

If so, please remember to alert TICA's Executive Office whenever your contact information changes.

This is a good idea for many reasons, and it helps your Regional Director alert you of winning Regional Awards, sending you Region-specific information, and more.

Please alert the Executive Office if any of your contact information has changed by sending an e-mail to

Be sure to give your full name and membership number and let them know which information you are updating. If you have moved, let them know your previous address for reference.

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We need to support our Regional shows and Clubs are reminded to forward donations and the $1.00 per entry to Guy Allis. The Region's PayPal account is

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Sample Hotel Damage Release Form

Please click on this link for a copy of a sample form clubs can use by merely filling in the blanks.

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