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Regional Awards

On this page you will find information about our regional awards as well as links to information about our regional awards show and banquet.

Regional awards show & banquet

The 2022 regional awards show and banquet, hosted by Skyway Cat Club, will be held on August 6-7, 2022 in Clearwater, FL.

For more information on the show and banquet see the show listing in TOES.

Special/people awards

Voting is now open for our 2022 special awards. Think back across the 2021-2022 show season and vote for the following:

  • Show of the year
  • Judge of the year
  • Member of the year
  • Clerk of the year
  • New Exhibitor of the year
  • Sportsmanshp award

Use this form to submit your vote. Voting will close Friday, June 24, 2022.

Note: Only members of the Southeast Region as of the end of the 2021-2022 show season are eligible for awards and to vote.

Regional awards

The official regional awards lists will not be available until early to mid-June. Until that time you can refer to the estimated standings to get a rough idea of the cats that will be honored with regional wins. However, remember the estimated standings are just that - estimated. As the Executive Office continues working through scoring the season, cats can move, be added to, or even drop out of the standings.

Are you the proud owner of a regional winner?

If you think you might have a cat that is going to be a top-25 regional winner, a best of breed cat, kitten, or alter winner, or have submitted a copy of the claim you sent to the Executive Office claiming a Lifetime Achievement, Outstanding Dam, or Outstanding Sire award, you need to do the following:

  • Send a picture of your cat to ticaseawards@nc.rr.com. Include in the email your cat's full registered name, the owners, and the award class (for example, "Alter").

    Your picture must display clearly full-screen. This picture will be displayed on the "big screen" at the regional awards banquet. If you display your picture on your computer and it isn't the size of your screen, you will need to send a higher resolution picture. The last thing we want is to have fuzzy pictures of your beautiful cat displayed at the awards banquet!

    The regional awards coordinator will make sure your picture is put with the correct award when the awards are finalized. Don't wait until the final lists come out! Send your pictures now!

  • Enter the show and make your banquet reservations INFORMATION COMING SOON.
  • If you are unable to attend the banquet, please arrange for a friend to pick up your award for you.

Sponsoring awards

Winning an award is great. Sharing the excitement with those you've shown with is wonderful!

One way you can share is to sponsor awards. We offer sponsorships for the following:

  • Rosettes: This is any amount you would like to contribute to the rosette fund is appreciated.
  • Top-25 plaques: Sponsor one or more plaques in the following classes:
    • Kittens
    • Allbreed Cats
    • Longhair Cats
    • Shorthair Cats
    • Alters
    • Household Pets
    • Household Pet Kittens
    The sponsorship cost per plaque is:
    • Best - $30
    • 2nd place - 10th place - $25
    • 11th place - 25th place - $20
  • Best of Breed plaques: The best of breed cat, kitten, and alter in the region are recognized with plaques. The sponsorship cose per plaque is $15.
  • We also recognize 10 junior exhibitors for excellence in our junior program. You can sponsor juniors for $25 per junior.

You can submit your sponsorship requests using our sponsorship form.

NOTE: Until we have the final awards list you can only send your top-25 and breed sponsorship requests by sending your desired cat's name/class, person or breed. Once the awards are published you will be contacted about your top-25 and breed requests and can pay at that time.

Questions about sponsorships should be sent to the awards sponsorship coordinator.

A great big THANK YOU to everyone who has sponsored so far!