TICA Southeast Region

Celebrating Felines, Fun, and Friendships


Our officers

Regional Director
Rene Knapp
(352) 515-4686

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Picture of Rene Knapp - Southeast Regional Director

Deputy Regional Director
Vanadis Crawford
(919) 426-5250
before 8 p.m. Eastern please 

Picture of Vanadis Crawford - Deputy Regional Director
Regional Treasurer
Barbara Kissinger

(484) 554-3627

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Regional PayPal account
Picture of Barbara Kissinger - Southeast Regional Treasurer

Our committees

Regional Show Reporter

Becky Smith Beckstr69@hotmail.com Show managers must send a fully-marked master catalog ASAP after the show for timely show reporting. Entry clerks using TOES for entry clerking must also send the master catalog in XLS format (Documents > Late Pages & Master Catalog > Master Catalog (Excel) )

Regional HCM Clinics

Lisa Elkins alafia.sky.devons@gmail.com Coordinator

Regional Clerking Liason

Barbara Kissinger indyocicat@aol.com Chair

Regional Awards Committee

Vanadis Crawford ticaseawards@nc.rr.com Chair
Vanadis Crawford ticaseawards@nc.rr.com Sponsorships
Vanadis Crawford ticaseawards@nc.rr.com Awards Presentation/PowerPoint
Judith Milling shutterbug1948@gmail.com Regional Awards Banquet Program
Tanya Walbrun careycats@aol.com Regional Awards Qualification Validation

Regional Special Awards Committee

John Sokol k9aok@yahoo.com
Kat Sottile baldfantasea@yahoo.com

Junior Exhibitors Committee

Stephanie Smith holyfold@aol.com Chair
Meg Ridgway meg.ridgway@gmail.com Scorer
Bonnie Charvat shetari@yahoo.com Advisor

Regional Disaster and Help Committee

Kurt Williams kdwmba@aol.com Chair
Rob Seliskar robseliskar@gmail.com
Angela Sherzer aallen201@aol.com
Barbara Kissinger indyocicat@aol.com

Rules and Research Committee

Robby Whyte robbyw_tica@yahoo.com

Legislative Committee

Patty Mahany PattyMahany@aol.com Chair

Sunshine Committee

Stephanie Smith holyfold@aol.com If you hear of anyone who is ill, going through rough times, or just in need of some cheer, contact Stephanie.

Social Media Committee

Rene Knapp regional.director.se@tica.org Chair
Suzanne Proctor racergirl121890@yahoo.com
Bryan Porter Bporter2623@icloud.com

Welcoming Committee

Stephanie Smith holyfold@aol.com
John Sokol k9aok@yahoo.com
Kat Sottile baldfantasea@yahoo.com
Patty Arnold floridaocicats123@gmail.com
Lisa Elkins lisa.elkins1@hotmail.com
John and Barbara Adcox barbara@floridabengals.com
John and Cat Gargill jagcat@ix.netcom.com HHP exhibitors
Suzanne Proctor
Bryan Porter
Archie and Pam Johns Ishiban@yahoo.com

Mentors For New Show Managers

Suzanne Hansen alchemycats@yahoo.com
Archie and Pam Johns Ishiban@yahoo.com
Vanadis Crawford vanadis@nc.rr.com
Rene Knapp regional.director.se@tica.org