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Regional Director's Corner

May 2, 2022

It’s the beginning of a new show season. Exhibitors are ready to celebrate their wins at the regional as well as begin the process all over again with our first show of the season on May 7 and 8, 2022, in Clearwater, Florida.

Our new SE website has launched - its user friendly and our goal is to add something new every month. We had a lot of great ideas from exhibitors and we will be making some of those ideas reality in the coming months.

Our new Southeast Fund is set up in Florida and we will be posting a detailed Treasurer’s report for the first four months of the year on the website during the month of May. I will also handing out the report at the May Skyway show.

We have 50 show year calendars left and these are all profit for the region so we ask if you haven’t bought one yet to please do so. We have started our Junior exhibitor fund and are planning some surprises this year so we need to sell those calendars!

If you are a SE member and need help placing your retired breeders or show cats, please utilize the great Facebook group Archie and Pam Johns have started. Southeast Retired Feline Friends.

I am so excited by the huge showing of support from our exhibitors concerning our rosette awards for the regional. Without you, we couldn’t have the successes we do. Thank you.

The special Skyway awards and banquet will be held Saturday evening June 18 in conjunction with their show that weekend. It the first of our year end celebrations so please join us in Clearwater Florida.

The end of June (25 and 26) gives us the North Alabama Feline Fanciers in Huntsville, Alabama

I feel we’ve accomplished a lot since January first. Being Regional Director is a full time job I took on willingly, but it is really difficult. If you feel I should have done something different or you think I did something - instead of social media you can ask me directly!

It’s Spring - time for new beginnings. Have a great month.

March 23, 2022

I don’t really know what a blog is supposed to be but I decided to give it a try.

Why did I work so hard to become your regional director? I wanted to enact change. I was tired of going on Facebook and seeing people attacking each other - It seemed no one could actually offer their opinion on anything. It got to a point that new people decided they just didn’t want to be a part of our group. People with great ideas just stopped volunteering. Shows didn’t feel relaxed or friendly, especially to first timers. Things felt severed and I wanted change. But I wanted all of you to change it, not me.

And that’s just what you are doing! We have this wonderful new website that’s a work in progress and the most important page is the list of new committees and new volunteers. I feel the excitement at the shows again. I see experienced exhibitors offering a hand to the newcomers. I see a new “face” on Facebook where people feel confident to share their opinions and ideas and offers of help.

We have a presence on TikTok! Now there’s an accomplishment - and you did it, not me. Facebook and Instagram are now positive sources to be used to promote our hobby and make people want to join us.

We are really making changes in our Junior exhibitor program. With the inception of our new JE Fund, we are going to do some great things for our young people, the most important being a scholarship. Whether to college, trade school, or junior college- something to say thank you for going through our program and sticking with us. Something that will say, we believe in you. Stephanie Smith and Meg Ridgway are passionate about our juniors and they were the right choices to lead the way.

But the thing that makes me feel the most successful right now is that the two people that also ran for regional director against me have become important members of my team. Barb Kissinger is our new Treasurer and brings many years of experience with her Archie Johns is spearheading an adoption program for breeder’s to place retired breeders and show cats and heads our fundraising team.

Change is good and I will work hard, I am working hard, for our region. I know some of you will never really like me, and that’s okay. I just hope you learn to respect me for the job I do as your regional director.